Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency issued without any central entity,

It has a transparent distribution plan and circulation, and has been recognized by many people in terms of value storage

This is the first cryptocurrency in human history,

Bring more choices and possibilities to the future encryption world.

In 2018, the concept of DeFi appeared, that is, the concept of distributed finance

The significance of DeFi lies in its ability to build financial scenarios through contracts,

Through smart contracts, people can complete without intermediary participation

Financial trading services, stable currency, token trading, derivatives trading, insurance, forecasting, etc.

It presents different characteristics of financial services than previously completed.

For example, it has non-tamperable and transparent ledgers, non-man-controlled contracts

Even the developer of the token, the developer of the protocol, cannot control the operation of the token

This is a brand new financial ecology with many possibilities.

Based on the accumulated experience in blockchain, finance, technology investment and other fields,

SpaceCoin is building a global rocket space ecological chain - a token developed based on the BSC chain,

Its transaction speed and handling fee will bring a qualitative leap. Its handling fee is low and the transaction speed is 0.00000000001 seconds

SpaceCoin originated from the team's admiration and worship of the president, Mr. Musk

All members of the team are committed to driving the application of blockchain technology in the financial field. The total number of SpaceCoins issued is 3 trillion.

The team is composed of professional engineers from the United States, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia

Preliminary work focuses on the development of technology and research on industry technical characteristics

Wait for preparatory work. At the same time, launch global market operations and other global media platforms to promote and find more relevant companies

Industry and other partners have settled in to realize scene applications, and jointly launched the main page of the main platform on major platforms, etc., greatly improving knowledge

Famousness In order to realize the docking of application scenarios,

Global space companies realize the superposition of digital assets and solve problems related to the use of funds in space.

Space travel will be very common in the future. Before 2050, there is a great opportunity to set up tourist facilities on the moon.

In addition, our chances of staying in space will also increase, drawing on the current global spread of pneumonia

We have to find a living space that is safe and free from viruses "then someday,

We must adopt a universal currency system in order to realize this vision,

SpaceCoin has made a corresponding layout in the underlying design and top-level application.

Improving the transaction speed through the signature algorithm, ledger structure, data operation, serialization, consensus mechanism, message

The optimization of key links such as diffusion will achieve super-second fast transaction verification.

Satisfies most of the blockchain application scenarios, and the global cross-border payment has reached the super-second level,

The background of the emergence of SpaceCoin is due to the sharp cash,

Credit cards or debit cards are not suitable for use in space, where the edges of coins are too sharp,

May harm space tourists, chips and magnetic stripes on credit cards are also useless in cosmic radiation,

Furthermore, the distance between space and the earth is too far, use any payment system that must transmit or receive information with the earth

It is also impractical and SpaceCoin can solve this series of problems

Finally, let us work together for the space ecological chain

Construction May SpaceCoin be the next Bitcoin!

Technical team

SpaceCoin was founded by 6 excellent and
entrepreneurial engineers for a common goal,
hoping to change the world through blockchain technology

CEO--Cosmo Daniel Business and Computing

CTO--Ferdinand Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

CFO--Gabriel druhum Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

CPO--Christopher Kristopher Computer Science

COO--Jenna Zheng Marketing promotion operation and maintenance

Deputy COO--Martingala Film and television animation design

Space Coin Roadmap
December VLK The website has reached a strategic cooperation and accepts Spacecoin for payment
December Global Blockchain LawsLawyer has reached a strategic cooperation and accepts Spacecoin for payment
December Spacecoin team sends a gift to President Musk
December The world's major media will promote and connect with major communities to increase exposure
undecidedPINKSALE.FINANCE pink platform pre-sale, buyers need to get
white list
undecidedPANCAKESWAP.FINANCE platform launched
Online collection (requires trading volume to reach the standard)
unknownmainstream exchanges will be launched
unknown Important notice: Create the Global Diverse Platform North American platform, docking space currency payment, the platform serves 20 countries, provides up to 80 services, service scope: website construction, video clips, house 3D rendering design, SMS mass promotion, etc., from now on Purchase space tokens, calculated from the date of purchase, and hold until December 2023 (you will receive the following discounts, 8% discount for each transaction on Global Diverse Platform, valid permanently, after successful purchase, please copy and paste to keep the hash number , this is your proof of purchase, thank you)
Token Economics

Total amount of tokens: 3000.000.000.000

Pre-sale: 55% of total supply

Liquidity: 51% of the total pre-sale volume

Rocket ecology: 17% of the total supply

Lawyer team: 1% of total supply

Strategic Advisor: 1% of total supply

Exchange: 23% of total supply

Buy and sell slippage: 3%

Dividends for holding coins: 1% starting from holding 1500.000.000 coins

Marketing market value management: 2%

Rescue plan
Online shopping through
will greatly improve the lives of hungry children
around the world. Joining is easy and free!
1.Open on your computer and enter your account information on the Amazon shopping platform
2.Select supporting: select change charity select the welfare agency that wants to receive your donation
3.0.5% of the total value of your order will be donated to the children in the world who want to help through the Amazon platform. Let us act together to make the world a better place
4.SpaceCoin hopes to provide them with the greatest possible help through the concerted efforts of the
team and rapid growth! ! !
Space rocket Atlas
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Official announcement
The Spacecoin team is in the financing stage, please wait patiently, thank you all
SpaceCoin Team

Atm purchases
We are in contact with Bitcoin Atm,
In order to place ATM machines around the world, users can purchase SpaceCoin with cash or credit card,
Any Atm company can send a cooperation request to our website, and we will have someone to contact you.

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